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A Legacy of 
Health Care Service,
Now Unified Under 
One Name

On January 2, 2019, all wholly-owned care facilities of Adventist Health System will be known as AdventHealth. For the first time ever, our facilities will align under one name that captures the core message of our mission, Christ’s healing ministry and salvation.

The name change reflects the larger effort to achieve the vision and to more fully express the Adventist legacy of caring for the Whole Person.

The new name of AdventHealth does not reflect a merger, acquisition or change in ownership, but a more effective way of unifying our care facilities.


Extending the
Healing Ministry of Christ

One System. One Brand.

We are so much more than just hospitals and that is why the transition to AdventHealth is so important. People will recognize us across our unified health care system of hospitals, physician practices and outpatient facilities under the system brand of AdventHealth. Our goal is to offer our communities a continuum of connected care to address every stage of life and state of health.


Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ

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Our Story

The Advent that brings salvation
brings healing


Learn more and hear from your
Seventh-day Adventist Union Conference President

Gary Thurber
President, Mid-America Union Conference
Board Chairman, Adventist Health System 

"AdventHealth ties us so beautifully into the roots of our church. We began because we had our eye on the second coming, and the second coming is really where all healing is going to take place. That's really the cure for all that ails us, and to tie that into our health system's name is just beautiful to me."

Larry Moore
President, Southwestern Union Conference
Board Vice Chairman, Adventist Health System 

"AdventHealth touches me personally because I was not raised a Seventh-day Adventist but became a Seventh-day Adventist a little bit later in life. I've been looking forward to the Advent of Jesus and I'm proud to call myself an Adventist because I look forward to that. This new name calls attention to that. I'm happy to say that God can use that, and I am thankful for what's being done."

Ron Smith
President, Southern Union Conference
Board Vice Chairman, Adventist Health System 

"I'm so excited about the new brand of AdventHealth because it taps into the very heritage of our existence as a people, particularly as Seventh-day Adventist members. In 1866, the Seventh-day Adventist Church pioneered a specific focus on the wholeness of people and how we can foster wellness in every dimension of the human life. AdventHealth participates in clarifying the vision of that connectivity."

Maurice Valentine
President, Lake Union Conference
Board Vice Chairman, Adventist Health System

"We’re excited for this new name change because it will make it much more readily accessible and identifiable for our members, and also for those who are not Seventh-day Adventists, to understand that they are truly being cared for by people who love them, love Jesus Christ, and who want to see them reach and attain the highest fulfillment in life that they possibly can receive, by being healed in every aspect and facet of life."

Call Upon the Significance of the
Advent Message


“It would be a way of embracing the healing, wholeness and hopefulness that came in the incarnation of Jesus and his healing ministry and the hope and experience of healing that comes from a positive bright view of the future in the return of Jesus. In the Gospels, the word for healing and salvation are the same. The Advent that brings salvation brings healing.”

— Gilbert Valentine, PhD, Seventh-day Adventist Church Historian

Our mark is a symbol of wholeness, an icon of growth, a spectrum of vibrant color that illustrates the breadth and diversity of our connected system of care.

At its core—the confluence of everything we do and everything we are—is the cross. It’s the beginning and the connector, anchoring our employees and our community in the very heart of our mission, Christ—and extending His healing ministry.

The cross connects and unifies how we care for each other, seeking balance and harmony within every sphere of our influence.

Our symbol is a life-affirming mark, open to your individual perspective and interpretation. It marks the advent of a new kind of caring; our promise to help you feel whole.

Our Legacy

We believe in the wholeness our Creator intended for His creation and that Christ’s healing ministry is about restoring wholeness to people. Christ gives salvation and will return someday to fully restore us into whole beings.

Terry Shaw
President and CEO
Adventist Health System

"As a lifetime member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, it is an honor to work with more than 80,000 people from across the United States on delivering our mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ. For the first time in our history, our facilities and services will operate under one unified name, AdventHealth. This new name is anchored in the legacy of our faith in God, the hope we have in Christ and the ministry of our founders."

As we unify our health care system under the name AdventHealth, we return to our roots and anticipate Christ’s return, the advent that will bring ultimate healing and wholeness. Download the full story to learn more.

Watch Terry Shaw’s 20 minute presentation outlining the transformation and name change.

Coming together as AdventHealth